Risks & Forms of crime

Event report: “European cities facing radicalisation: communication and counter-narratives”: over 180 local representatives and experts gathered in Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France, May 2016 – More than 180 local representatives and experts from 18 European countries attended the conference on “European cities facing radicalisation: communication and counter-narratives” co-organised by the European and French Forums for Urban Security and the city … More

Project: Local Institutions Against Violent Extremism

LIAISE – Local institutions against violent extremism Radicalisation and violent extremism need to be tackled through a strong preventative approach as well as just repressive responses, which are not sufficient on their own. A prevention policy must mobilise local partnerships … More

Call for Practices: Prevention and fight against acts of discriminatory violence

Make your project known throughout Europe! Efus and eight European organisations are launching a call to identify existing innovative and encouraging practices at a local level throughout Europe to combat crime and violence motivated by all forms of discrimination. 50 practices will be … More

BOUNCE programme to strengthen the resilience of young people against radical influences: training and support opportunities

Paris, April 2016 – Developed in the framework of the European project ‘Strengthening Resilience Against Violent Radicalisation (STRESAVIORA)’, BOUNCE is an early-prevention, psycho-physical training designed to help vulnerable youngsters strengthen their resilience against radical influences and to raise awareness among … More

Prevention of violent radicalisation: training of local actors and European exchanges

Numerous local authorities rely on the network to get information and to exchange knowledge and practices in order to strengthen or set up targeted local prevention policies. Indeed, even though violent radicalisation is a global phenomenon that goes beyond the … More