Organised Crime & Trafficking

European Serious Organised Crime Conference, Liverpool, March 4-6, 2008

EFUS’ Executive Director Michel Marcus has been invited for a presentation on European policy and legislation in the field of organised crime. This contribution will be presented at the European Serious Organised Crime Conference, organised by the city of Liverpool … More

The European Commission established a European Forum for the Prevention of Organized Crime (2001)

The European Commission (Justice and Home Affairs Department) organised the 1st meeting of the European Forum on the Prevention of Organised Crime on 17th and 18th May 2001 in Brussels (Belgium). The field of action was petty and serious crime, … More

Study on women prostitution and slavery and on organized crime in Switzerland (2003)

This study examines the links between prostitution, the trafficking and slavery of women and crime in Switzerland. The authors (Massimo Sardi and Didier Froidevaux) insist on the need to develop monitoring instruments such as those which are aready in place in … More

THB Expert Group Recommendations to the European union: Make the trafficking in human beings a EU priority, 2004, Brussels, Belgium

Recommendations made to the European Union on Wednesday 22 December by the European Commission’s Experts Group on Trafficking in Human Beings urge the EU to provide protection for migrants, and support and assistance for victims of trafficking in measures it … More

Illicit Acts in the Street, La Spezia, Italy 2004

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