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Efus to submit the JUST II project on the prevention of discrimination in November

Paris, July 2017 – Efus will submit in November the JUST II project, which will follow up on Just and Safer Cities for All (JUST, 2016-2017), in the framework of the “Rights, Equality and Citizenship” programme of the European Commission’s … More

“Protection against discrimination and violence is essential to the protection of human rights.” Michael Häupl, Mayor of Vienna

Vienna, Austria, February 2017  – The city of Vienna (Austria) will host the European seminar “Preventing and countering discriminatory violence at the local level” on 2-3 March, as part of the European Just and Safer Cities for All project. On … More

European seminar: Preventing and Countering Discriminatory Violence at the Local Level – 2-3 March 2017, Vienna

Preventing and Countering Discriminatory Violence at the Local Level European seminar 2-3 March 2017, Vienna According to recent reports by European institutions and civil society organisations, incidents motivated by hate and intolerance are increasing in number and intensity in many … More

Call for Practices: Prevention and fight against acts of discriminatory violence

Make your project known throughout Europe! Efus and eight European organisations are launching a call to identify existing innovative and encouraging practices at a local level throughout Europe to combat crime and violence motivated by all forms of discrimination. 50 practices will be … More

Launch of the project “Just & Safer Cities for All” to fight locally against discriminatory violence

Paris, January 2016 – Through the project “Just & Safer Cities for All”, which is co-financed by the European Union’s Directorate General Justice, the European Forum for Urban Security is renewing its commitment to work against all forms of discriminatory … More