Collective Violence

Launch of the Efus-led LOUD (Local Young Leaders for Inclusion) project in Paris

Paris, France, March 2019 – The partners in the new European project LOUD (Local Young Leaders for Inclusion), which is led by Efus, met on 18-19 March in Paris (FR) for the project’s kickoff. Through LOUD, young people and local authorities … More

Prevention of discrimination in amateur sport: kickoff meeting of the MATCH-SPORT project

Paris, France, March 2019 – Partners in the European MATCH-SPORT project (Make Amateur Sport Tolerant and Eliminate Discrimination) for the prevention of discrimination in amateur sport took part in the two-day kickoff meeting on 26-27 February, at Efus offices in … More

MATCH-SPORT: a new European project to locally prevent violence in amateur sport

Paris, France, January 2019 – Violence and intolerance (racism, sexism…) are regularly condemned in professional sport, but they also exist in amateur sport and local authorities can, together with their local partners, act to prevent them. Empowering local authorities to … More

LOUD: a new European project promoting alternative narratives to extremism and intolerance among young people

Paris, France, January 2019 – Encouraging at the local level young Europeans to build alternative narratives to extremism and intolerance is the objective of a new, Efus-led European project titled “LOUD – Local young leaders for inclusion”, which started in … More

Council of Europe – Urban violence needs to be addressed respecting fundamental rights and involving local authorities

Lisbon, Portugal, 24 October 2014 – “It is essential to tackle the root causes of urban violence and not limit actions to the symptoms. In combating urban violence human rights should be protected.” In his message the Commissioner for Human … More

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