Collective Violence

Coming soon to a screen near you: the alternative campaigns of the LOUD project youngsters

Paris, France, March 2021 – The alternative discourse campaigns created by young people from the nine LOUD project (Young local leaders for inclusion) partner local authorities, which is led by Efus, are about to be finalised and will soon be disseminated. Efus … More

Discrimination in European amateur sport: the MATCH-SPORT state-of-the art study

Efus Paris, France, January 2021 – As part of the MATCH-SPORT European project, Efus, together with the project partners, led a state-of-the-art study on the degree of awareness of discriminatory violence in amateur sport and on existing prevention schemes in … More

Helping young people getting heard: three municipalities share their takeaways from the LOUD training webinars

Paris, France, October 2020 – One of the main activities of the LOUD project (“Local Young Leaders for Inclusion”), which Efus is leading with the aim of fostering inclusive environments for young people in order to prevent them from drifting into … More

All for fair play and against violence: MATCH-SPORT and the European Week of Sport

Paris, France, October 2020 – As part of the European Week of Sport, which is held each year on 23-30 September, the MATCH-SPORT project (“Make Amateur Sport Tolerant by Eliminating Racism and Discrimination”) organised an online awareness campaign about discrimination and … More

MATCH-SPORT Webconferences

MATCH-SPORT Webconferences How to deal with violent incidents between spectators and players in amateur sport? French session >> 28/09 14h00 CEST Registration  Where is the line between sporting competitiveness and violence? How are European cities working with sports clubs to … More

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