Project on the role of local police in crime prevention, 2003

Seminar on ”The role of local policing in the prevention of crime and violence”, Prague, Czech Republic, 11-12 November 2003  The executive director of the EFUS, Michel Marcus, presented a ‘European survey on everyday violence’ at the Conference on ‘The … More

Seminar on “Municipal Police”, City of Charleroi, 2002

Seminar on “Municipal Police”, City of Charleroi, 2002 The EFUS participated in a seminar on “Municipal Police”, co-organised by the Congress of local and regional authorities in Europe and the City of Charleroi, in which many cities such as Amsterdam, … More

Debate: « Community policing, a police of citizens? », Créteil, 22th December 2000

Debate: « Community policing, a police of citizens? », Créteil, 22th December 2000 In the framework of the International City Festival, organised by the Ministry of the City and the City of Créteil, the EFUS organised a debate on: ‘Community policing, a … More

Police et proximité ou le paradoxe du policier, J-L Loubet del Bayle, Les Cahiers de la Sécurité 2008

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Intercultural Local Police / Intermunicipal association of Argenta, Italy 2008

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