EuroMediation Working Group 2005-07

Background: The theme of conflict regulation is acquiring a specific connotation, which, starting from single local experiences, has drawn the attention of urban safety policies at a European level. Cities are seeking actions that can develop reception, trust, support and … More

Resolution on the role of local and regional mediators, Council of Europe, 1999

Click here to discover the Council of Europe’s resolution on the role of  local and regional mediators in defending citizens’ rights (1999)

Conflict Regulation and Mediation in European Cities, Conference, Angers 2004

The two-day conference entitled “Conflict regulation and mediation in European cities”, that took place in Angers (France) on May 6th and 7th 2004 developed a common approach to mediation in European cities in several roundtable discussions. A wealth of mediation … More

Access to Rights and Mediation, Study Day, Marseille, 2004

After the , here is the programme from the Conference on access to rights and mediation, held by the ASMAJ on 25th June 2004 in Marseille. A must for all French speakers!

Social Mediation in Neighbourhoods, French Forum Conference, Tourcoing 2004

On 8 December 2004, the FFSU organised a colloquium in Tourcoing on the topic ‘Neighbourhood social mediation: what lasting place in the territories?’ This event followed the Angers colloquium organised by the Efus and the Marseille and Pierrefitte colloquia at … More

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