Mediation and Access to Law

European Network for Local Mediation

Community mediation has rapidly developed over the last few years and an entire network of community mediators, experts, researchers and other actors has been formed on the basis of several meetings on the European level. In January 2004, the city … More

Restorative Justice, Essay by Jean Dutil, Madagascar 2001

Available in French only

Pierrefitte Mediation Conference, Pierrefitte, Dec 2005

On December 1-3, the city of Pierrefitte has hosted a conference with a national and European dimension on Mediation. The EFUS took an active part in the organisation of this event, and M. Marcus intervened at the opening of the … More

EuroMediation Working Group 2005-07

Background: The theme of conflict regulation is acquiring a specific connotation, which, starting from single local experiences, has drawn the attention of urban safety policies at a European level. Cities are seeking actions that can develop reception, trust, support and … More

Resolution on the role of local and regional mediators, Council of Europe, 1999

Click here to discover the Council of Europe’s resolution on the role of  local and regional mediators in defending citizens’ rights (1999)

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