Drug Services in Prison and Prevention of Re-Offending / Brno, Czech Republic 2005

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Mediation in Courts / Turin, Italy 2004

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Grundtvig project: Innovative Strategies for the Prevention of Re-offending

Programme de Formation tout au long de la vie (Commission européenne) Programme Grundtvig – Education pour Adultes Résumé du projet La commission répétée de délits alimente en grande partie les statistiques de la délinquance en Europe. Les études font apparaître … More

Prisons and overcrowding, 1997

The prisons of Europe, prison population inflation and prison overcrowding Pierre Victor TOURNIER, a researcher at the CNRS/CESDIP, has specialized in the quantitative study of sentence-serving. As an expert consultant to the Council of Europe’s Council for Penological Cooperation, he … More

Research-study on links between small and large scale organised crime, 2003

This exploratory research-study aimed to highlight the “values” that encourage the links between petty and serious crime, and cause ordinary petty crime to escalate into organised crime. This study had the final aim of better developing scenarios of prevention and reinsertion of … More

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