Public Spaces and Housing

The Security in Public Spaces Partnership calls for the involvement of local and regional authorities in the elaboration of the EU Cohesion Policy Funds Regulation

The members of the Partnership for Security in Public Spaces*, which is coordinated by Efus and the cities of Nice (France) and Madrid (Spain), have recently issued a declaration addressed to the European institutions, calling on them to involve the … More

Protection of public spaces: a series of web conferences to present the tools developed in the framework of the PRoTECT project

Public spaces are places of exchange, culture, commerce, leisure and political expression… Because of their open nature, their high level of frequentation and their symbolic dimension, they can be subjected to several threats, terrorism being one of them. The protection … More

PACTESUR – Designing safer public spaces

Brussels, Belgium, December, 2020 – An architect working at the Direction Sécurité locale intégrale du Service Public Fédéral Intérieur (Ministry of the Interior) of the Belgium Government, Eric Valerio is a member of the PACTESUR Expert Advisory Committee. This guide explores key principles … More

PACTESUR – How to better protect places of worship and holy sites in Europe? – An interview with Lina Kolesnikova

Places of worship and holy sites are soft and attractive targets for those who wish to cause harm and spread fear. How can we prevent attacks and guarantee the sanctity of religious sites and the safety of worshippers? How can … More

Efus shares its experience in the protection of public spaces during a workshop of the SafeCi European project

Berlin, Germany, December 2020 – Efus shared its experience on the security of public spaces during a workshop organised by the SafeCi European project on the protection of such spaces against terrorist attacks, which gathered some 150 attendees representing police authorities … More

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