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Secure School Movement, Budapest, Hungary 2008

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Portrait: Marguerite Arène, Fêtez clairs Project, Paris 2007

Marguerite Arène is in charge of the DASES (Social Action, Childhood and Health Management) drug addiction prevention mission in the city of Paris. Along with the drug addiction project manager at the Paris prefecture, she is behind a harm reduction … More

EU Commission Conference: Towards an EU Strategy Against Violence in Sports, Brussels, 28-29 November 2007

“In association with the European Forum for Urban Security, representing more than 300 EU cities, we want to think about possible partnerships. The EU Crime Prevention Network should also be directly associated with the development of cooperation as a clearing … More

Citizens’ Services – Urban Buses / Girona, Spain 2005

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Drug Prevention in Party Scenes / Paris France, 2006

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