Migrants, Minorities

Saragossa Conference Workshop on Minorities and Migrations, Nov 2006

This international conference, organised by the European Forum for Urban Security, brought 800 participants together to discuss all major issues and current challenges in urban security. It ended with the adoption of the SARAGOSSA MANIFESTO, an important policy document summarising the … More

Immigrant Youth and Delinquency in Germany, EFUS News 2007

IMMIGRANT YOUTH AND DELINQUENCY: SOME REFLECTIONS ON THE GERMAN DEBATE by Sven Engel (Efus News, 21 March 2007) A wicked debate has taken hold in Germany on the issue of violence, migration and youth. In 2006, when the Rütli school … More

Conference on the Protection of Minorities, Vienna 2006

The Commission for Constitutional Affairs of the Committee of the Regions organised a seminar, on 17 March 2006 in Vienna, on the role of local and regional authorities in the protection of minorities and anti-discriminatory policies. This seminar was organised … More

Conference Paper: Immigration Is a Challenge Not a Problem, Barcelona 2002

Immigration is a challenge, not a problem [1] The Tampere Summit (October 1999) created what is known as “a Space for Freedom, Safety and Justice”, making this a priority for the European Union.  Furthermore, it provided a set of instructions … More

Discussion Paper on Migration and Crime Prevention, Efus 2003

The Migration Immigration theme in local crime prevention strategies [1] NB: this presentation was made for Efus’ general assembly, Lisbon, 4 July 2003 The link between the issues of immigration and security does not lend itself to dispassionate discussion, given … More

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