PREPARE – Efus to implement local pilot projects to prevent radicalisation in probation and release

Málaga, Spain, November 2018 – Twenty-five representatives from local and regional authorities and civil society organisations gathered in Málaga (ES) on 29-30 November for the third coordination meeting and European seminar of the PREPARE European project, led by Efus, on … More

To meet, to share and to collaborate against urban violence: Efus and the Spanish Forum at the 2nd World Forum on Urban Violence and Education in Cohabitation and Peace

Madrid, Spain, November 2018 – Efus and the Spanish Forum (FEPSU) took part in the second “World Forum on Urban Violence and Education in Cohabitation and Peace”, organised and hosted by the city of Madrid, on 5-8 November. This event … More

Local Voices project: final stage for the design of local campaigns promoting alternative narratives to extremism

Moleenbeek-Saint-Jean, Belgium, November 2018 – The partners in the Local Voices project met in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (BE) on 7 and 8 November to exchange on their projects of local campaign promoting alternative narratives to violent extremism and benefit from the support … More

MATCH-SPORT – Make Amateur Sport Tolerant by Eliminating Racism and Discrimination

How to address the issue of violence, racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport and more particularly in amateur sport ? Through the MATCH-SPORT project, local authorities and sport organisations work together on reducing violences, discriminations, racism and intolerance in sport … More

2018 World Cities Day: inclusivity and non-discrimination should be at the heart of urban public policies

Paris, France, October 2018 – On the occasion of the 2018 World Cities Day under the theme “Building sustainable and resilient cities”, UNESCO organised with the support of Efus a conference to highlight the key role played by cities in … More