Take part in the European colloquium on “Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities in Europe: evaluation and prospects”

The one-day colloquium on “Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities in Europe: evaluation and prospects” will be held on 3 April 2019 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France). It will feature exchanges on numerous European experiences, the different legislative frameworks and … More

Efus 2019: consolidating its well-established expertise, broadening its areas of work, strengthening international cooperation

Paris, France, January 2019 – An expertise in urban security that is increasingly recognised, broader areas of work, more cooperation with its European partners and new partnerships beyond Europe, and new European projects: Efus starts the new year with a … More

BRIDGE: a new European project on preventing polarisation and radicalisation

Paris, France, January 2019 – How can local authorities act to reduce polarisation in their local communities, which renders them more vulnerable to radicalisation? This is the central question to which the European project “BRIDGE – Building resilience to reduce … More

PACTESUR: a new European project on the protection of public spaces against threats

Paris, France, January 2019 – Efus is a partner in PACTESUR, a new European project led by the city of Nice (FR) and started in January, which will seek to give European local authorities knowledge and tools to better protect … More

MATCH-SPORT: a new European project to locally prevent violence in amateur sport

Paris, France, January 2019 – Violence and intolerance (racism, sexism…) are regularly condemned in professional sport, but they also exist in amateur sport and local authorities can, together with their local partners, act to prevent them. Empowering local authorities to … More