Preventing discriminatory violence: a new working group and a series of events scheduled this autumn

Paris, France, September 2018 – There is increasing recognition in Europe that our common security policies must rely on the indispensable alliance between safety and the respect for fundamental rights. High level representatives from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation … More

Efus invited to share its expertise at a conference on protecting of young people against crime, in Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia, 4-5 July 2018 – Efus was invited as guest speaker at an international conference on “Protecting young people against crime” in Tunis (Tunisia), on 4-5 July, organised by the presidency of the Tunisian Republic and the Geneva Centre … More

A look back in video on the “Security, Democracy and Cities: Co-producing urban security policies” conference

In November 2017, – Efus, the City of Barcelona and the Government of Catalonia organised the international “Security, Democracy and Cities” conference, whose theme was the co-production of security policies. The “Security, Democracy and Cities: Co-producing urban security policies” Manifesto was … More

Take part in Efus’ upcoming project submissions to the European Commission

Paris, France, July 2018 – Between now and the autumn, Efus will submit four projects that are up for funding by the European Commission on topics such as the prevention of racism, discrimination against Roma people, hate speech and gender-based … More

Efus at the inaugural meeting of the newly-formed Civil Society Forum on Drugs

Brussels, Belgium, July 2018 – Recently re-elected as member of the Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSF), a consultative body at the European Commission, Efus took part in the inaugural meeting hosted by the Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs, … More