Drug Services in Prison and Prevention of Re-Offending / Brno, Czech Republic 2005

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Local Monitoring Centre on Addiction / La Spezia, Italy 2004

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Prison Services for Drug Addict Prisoners / Lodz, Poland 2005

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Crime prevention: Facts, fallacies and the future, by Henry Shaftoe, April 2005

A thought-provoking book by Henry Shaftoe   Much of the debate about how to prevent crime feeds off misinformation, moral panics and retributional rage. This book aims to introduce some cool pragmatism into the debate, without shying away from the broader … More

Conference on drug addictions, Matosinhos, Portugal, 6-7 December 2004

The Portuguese city of Matosinhos organised a conference titled “Drug addictions” to debate on themes such as prevention practices, risk reduction, and treatment. Local and European lecturers participated in this event together with local actors, field actors and students. This … More