Safety for the Elderly Conference, Leiden, The Netherlands, May 14-15 1998

Safety for the Elderly Conference, Leiden, The Netherlands, 14-15 May 1998 In conjunction with the Fourth World Conference on Injury Prevention and Control , the Safety for the Elderly conference was organised in cooperation with TNO Prevention and Health, the … More

Training of coordinators, 2000

Training of coordinators, 2000 The EFUS, in the framework of the UN programme Safer Cities-Habitat and with the support of official elected, the Police and Justice, organized a training programme for a dozen of African coordinators (Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire) … More

SecuCity Jobs -Projects, 1997-2000

SecuCity Jobs -Projects, 1997-2000 The EFUS committed to activities of lifelong training for new jobs of urban safety, leaving outside repressive roles. In total, the EFUS carried out three projects between 1997 and 2000: The ‘European dimension SecuCity Manager’, in … More

CIFAL: International centre for the training of local actors, 2005

Role of Efus Partner Partners United Nations (Project Director), Catalan Government Contents Creation of a training centre for local actors (CIFAL). In December 2004, the Catalan Government signed a decree for the official creation of this training centre. Agenda The first … More

Erasmus project: towards a European Master of Urban Safety, 2007

Erasmus – Curriculum Development (CD)  1)       General background This project is based on the fact that questions and needs regarding security and crime prevention are increasingly important in processes of governance and in debates. It has now been established that … More