Training Local Stakeholders in the Prevention of Re-offending (Jan 2010-Dec 2011)

  Following the European GRUNDTVIG project “Innovative Strategies for the Prevention of Re-offending”  (2007-2009), the partners decided they wanted to continue their work. The European Commission, via its Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) gave us the chance to receive a grant … More

Presentation Topics

This section includes information about all the themes on which the Efus is working currently, and has worked in the past. We have grouped the themes under five sub-categories, each of them including a series of specific topics. For each … More

Efus’ Newsletter #2

June, 15th/17th-2010: Conférence du National Community Safety Network, UK June, 17th/18th-2010: Securité et grands événements, Florence, IT June, 17th/18th-2010: Congrès International sur le Bullying, Matosinhos, PT June, 23th/17th-2010: Assemblée Générale du Forum Français pour la Sécurité Urbaine Guilherme PINTO, Président de … More

Tuscany Region: Masters in “Coordination of urban security policies”, 2009-2010

Master in “Coordination of  urban security policies” The Tuscany Region, in collaboration with the Universities of Florence, Pisa and Siena, has promoted a Masters in “Coordination of urban security policies” that started in November 2009. The Master is divided into … More


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