Interview: Willy Demeyer, Mayor of Liege, February 2008

Willy Demeyer has been Mayor of the city of Liège (Belgium) since 1999. Very fond of working on the local level, he served his city before when he was local councillor. He was also a member of the regional parliament in 2004 and … More

Interview: Béla Danielisz, Efus Vice-President

Béla Danielisz was the driving force behind Budapest’s EFUS membership in 2006, and was elected as Vice-President of the network in 2007.  EFUS asked Mr. Danielisz about his views on European exchanges in crime prevention, on the situation […]

Interview: Erich Marks, Director of Lower-Saxony’s Crime Prevention Council and of the German Congress for Crime Prevention

Erich Marks is a key player in the German crime prevention field and one of the Forum’s main contacts. Holding a degree in education from the University of Bielefeld, Erich Marks has pursued numerous activities in youth work and crime … More

Interview: Marguerite Arène, Fêtez clairs Project, Paris 2007

Marguerite Arène is in charge of the DASES (Social Action, Childhood and Health Management) drug addiction prevention Mission in the City of Paris.  With the drug addiction project manager at the Paris prefecture, she is behind a harm reduction approach … More

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