Criminal Justice: Facts and Figures

The German Federal Ministry of Justice has recently released the fully revised and updated 4th edition 2005 of “Criminal Justice inGermany. Facts and Figures”.   Author: Joerg-Martin JehleThis very informative brochure contains, on 64 pages, a lot of interesting tables … More

Praevis Database on Crime Prevention in Germany

   CLICK HERE  to access the Praevis database, a cooperation project of various regions and institutions in Germany that provides searchable information on hundreds of practices and projects in crime prevention work (in German language). 

German Forum for Crime Prevention (Deutsches Forum für Kriminalprävention)

Located in Berlin, the national organisation aims to “ensure the optimisation of crime prevention by society as a whole”. Visit their website (click here)

Riots in France, November 2005

Press release “Riots in Seine-Saint-Denis”, November 3rd 2005 Before the Government announces one more emergency programme, or one more version of a prevention law, it is absolutely essential to draw lessons from these riots, concerning failings of urban policies as … More

Violent Street Crime in Estonia 2001-2005

Click here  for a Power Point presentation on Violent Street Crime in Estonia: national measures and local solutions 2001-2005