Structure of Crime Prevention in Germany, LPR Lower-Saxony 2006

Click here to download the structure of crime prevention in Germany.

Immigrant Youth and Delinquency in Germany, EFUS News 2007

Some reflections on the German debate Berlin, 21 March 2007 by Sven Engel A wicked debate has taken hold in Germany on the issue of violence, migration and youth. Last year, when the Rütli school in Berlin’s difficult Neukölln neighbourhood … More

Crime Down in Germany, EFUS News 2007

According to 2006 federal crime statistics, Germany remains one of the safest countries in Europe. With crime down another 1.4 % in 2006, the total number of incidents registered by the police is now at 6,3 mio. over the last … More

Seminar of the Côte d’Ivoire Forum, Abidjan, September 12-13 2007

The Côte d’Ivoire Forum for Urban Safety organised, with the support of the United Nations Programme for Development (PNUD) and the Belgian Technical Cooperation (CTB), a seminar on the theme : “Mayors and private sector, partners for crime prevention”. The EFUS … More

Urbact Thematic Seminar “Cities’ responses regarding insecurity ”, 18-19 May 2006, Prague

Efus was chosen as the expert to prepare and follow the Urbact thematic seminar on “Cities’ responses to insecurity”. This two-days seminar gathered all the networks of Urbact that are interested in the field of security. These annual seminars enables … More