Gang Violence in Spain, EFUS News 2007

Criminality and Urban context in Spain, Lecture by Prof. Arroyo, 2005

 Click here for read the presentation of Luis Arroyo Zapatero for the 11th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Bangkok (Thailand)  (April 2005).

Copenhagen Youth Centre Eviction Followed by Clashes, EFUS News 2007

EVICTION OF UNGDOMSHUSET TRIGGERS CLASHES BETWEEN POLICE AND DANISH YOUTH by Sven Engel (EFUS News, April 2007) The eviction of a long-standing youth center in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro neighbourhood last week and the following clashes between protesting youth and riot police … More

Justice for minors in Austria: Summary Report

Age of criminal responsibility:  The law covering the rights of minors (Jugendgerichtsgesetz 1988) makes a distinction between “children”, i.e. people who are under 14, and “adolescents”, i.e. minors between 14 and 19.  –         Minors under 14 have complete criminal irresponsibility … More

The Belgian Security and Crime Prevention Award

The presentation of the Belgian security and crime prevention award took place on Friday, October 21st 2005. This twelfth edition of the Belgian award has gone through a few changes in comparison to last year, notably regarding the name of … More