UK Crime Statistics – British Crime Survey

UK Crime Statistics – British Crime Survey The Home Office publishes annually the “Crime in England and Wales” report.  It combines the police recorded crime and the British Crime Survey (BCS) results, thus giving a very complementary picture of crime: … More

UK Country Profile

Country Profile: England and Wales Last update: July  2009 1. Crime statistics (Source: Home Office 2006/2007 police recorded crime and British crime survey) Population (2005): 60 209 500 Total crime: 11.3 mio BCS, 5.4 mio PRC Percentage change in BCS offences: … More

UK Legislation

Anti-social Behaviour Bill, 2003 The purpose of the Anti-social Behaviour Bill is to provide the tools for practitioners and agencies to effectively tackle anti-social behaviour. It contains measures drawn up from across five Government Departments and builds on existing legislation … More

Useful UK Websites

Website of Representing over 430 members and organisations in both the statutory and voluntary sectors, the National Community Safety Network (NCSN) is a practitioner-led organisation supporting those involved in promoting community safety/crime reduction throughout the United Kingdom. NCSN is an … More

UK Legislation

Justice for minors in the United Kingdom, summary report, 2000 Age of Criminal Responsibility: Article 34 of the Crime and Disorder Act (law on preventing crime and disturbing public order, which came into effect in September 1998) removed the concept … More