EFUS and Partners activites in the UK

NCSN becomes associated member of EFUS, 27 January 2010 The becomes associated member of the European Forum for Urban Safety, reinforcing an already well-established cooperation.  Information sharing Practitioners in the UK seem to be more and more interested to exchange … More

La Fusion des Instituts: INHES/IERSE et IHEDN/CHEAr

Le 2 août 2007, le Président de la République, Nicolas Sarkozy, confiait à Alain Bauer, Président du Conseil d’Orientation de l’OND, la mission d’étudier le rapprochement des missions, des structures et des modes de financement des grandes institutions publiques en … More

La Fusion des Instituts: INHES/IERSE et IHEDN/CHEAr

“Fight against racism through diversity in sport” – Conference in Belgrade, October 20-21, 2009

The Council of Europe, which has 30 years of experience in legislating in the area of sport, co-organised with EPAS a conference on the “Fight against racism and violence through diversity in sport”, which took place in Belgrade, Serbia, on … More

Travel Notes: CCTV in Dobrich, November 2009

Travel notes: CCTV in Dobrich, Bulgaria Almost everybody around the table agreed: The city of Dobrich needs a CCTV system. What for? Of course to fight crime, but also to enforce road traffic regulations. What precisely are the offenses that … More