German Congress on crime prevention on new media and cyber crime

  Entitled “The worlds of new media – a challenge for crime prevention?” the 16th annual German Congress on Crime Prevention took place on May 30th and 31st in Oldenburg and was dedicated to new media and crime prevention. Its Annual … More

Executive Director of French Interministerial Committee for Crime Prevention announces a 50 million euros fund for prevention

Alexandroupolis invites the Forum to visit the border zone with Turkey, where the Greek government is planning to build an “anti-immigration” wall

Located a few kilometres away from Turkey, in the North-East of Greece, the city of Alexandroupolis, member of the Forum, is the most affected by the project of the government of George Papandreou to build up a wall along the … More

Hungarian presidency of the European Union: a “Strong Europe with a Human Touch”

Hungary is in charge of the presidency of the European Union during the first semester of 2011. A “Strong Europe with a Human Touch”, this is the motto chosen by Hungary for its mandate as president of the European Union, … More

Building a Europe of safe cities: a challenge to which we have to respond together

Efus president, Guilherme Pinto, wrote a prologue to the SIGG 2011 conference of the Zastita magazine, specialised in security issues. This 3rd Regional Conference on the Safety and Security of Cities took place on March 9 in Zagreb, bringing together … More