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Anti-social Behaviour Bill 2003

Anti-social Behaviour Bill The purpose of the Anti-social Behaviour Bill is to provide the tools for practitioners and agencies to effectively tackle anti-social behaviour. It contains measures drawn up from across five Government Departments and builds on existing legislation to … More

Home Office Crime Reduction Website

The Crime Reduction Website (click to visit) was launched in July 2000 by the Home Secretary in response to a need for a web-based interactive resource where practitioners, policy-makers and others can find guidance on good practice to which they … More

Home Office announces GPS Tracking, 2004

What do you think? Can GPS tracking help to reduce crime? The British Home secretary, David Blunkett, announced, the 2nd of september, the launching of a new crime reduction strategy : The most dangerous criminals, when out of prison, will … More

Blair’s War on Yobs, Letter from England, 2004

A letter from England, Nigel Whiskin, August 6th, 2004 Armed with a hefty financial settlement from the Chancellor’s Public Expenditure Review, Prime Minister Blair and Home Secretary Blunkett have come up with a Five Year Plan intended to:– Reduce Anti-social … More

The Mixed Economy Approach to Policing

A Letter from England, Nigel Whiskin, July 1st 2004 The good news from England is that the crime rates are now at their lowest since 1981 and, with a few exceptions, continue to fall.  Given the scepticism about numbers – statistics, … More

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