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1.Crime statistics

Crime rate (2001): 98.2 ‰
Main Offences:
Offences for profit : 223.718
Offences of narcotics : 49.330
Damage to property : 26.076
Offences of violence : 25.490
Economic offences : 8.595
Offenders :
Total : –
Minors percentage (15-17) (2001) : 2,8%
Women percentage (2000) : 17,2%
Foreigners percentage (2000): 8,4%
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Prison population (2003) : 2914
Occupancy Level (2003) : 93,3%
Age of criminal responsibility : 15
National victimisation survey : Y
Every four years

2. Safety and crime prevention (general)

Police forces: 11 300
Judicial system workforce: 1666 (653 judges)
Private security forces : 9000
Relevant NGO’s operating in the field of crime prevention:
Alternativ til vold ( alternative to violence), Krisesentersekretariatet (battered women), Reform (resource centre for men), Dixi resource centre (victims of rape), SMI (sexual abuse), The Mira resource centre (minority women), Stiftelsen Human rights serviceOslo youth against violence, landsforeningen for voldsofre (victims of violence)

3. Competence of State, regional and local authorities

National actions plans: violence against women plan(2000),  plan action against domestic violence 2004-2006 ,  plan against Female Genital mutilation (2000), plan against forced marriage (2000), Family violence : measures and awareness raising in the police  (2002), Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children plan (1996), Manifest against bullying  (2003),  Safe cities plan ( 1996), Trafficking in woman and children plan (2003), Action plan against Crime among Children and Youth (2003), Action plan against violence in Visual Media (1995), National plan of action to combat racism and discrimination (2002:), The government action plan targeting alcohol and drugs problems (2003)

Regional level sphere of competence: running institutions dedicated to child and youth welfare, family welfare and care for abusers of drugs and alcohol, assistance and guidance to the municipal child welfare service, providing specialised services (health service, special service for victims)

Local authorities
Assistance to victims, preventive work trough local agencies (such as health and social services) + local police ( to prevent crime and other breaches of public order and security)

Role of elected officials (city mayors):

Heading the four-years political action program that includes assistance to victims and preventive work

4. Partnerships and co-operation in the field of crime prevention
National Crime Prevention Council : Yes
The Norwegian National Crime prevention council (1980)
National action plan: Yes
The police act (2001)
Partnership structures at the regional level: No
Partnership structures at the local level:

The SLT concept (co-ordination of local crime preventive measures) in order to experiment the organisation of inter-agency co-operation

5. Main Debates

Drug addiction, violence in the home, violence in towns, violence in schools, , sexual abuse and exploitation of children, Juvenile delinquency, Trafficking in human beings.

National Crime Prevention Council

  The Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council (Det kriminalitetsforebyggende rad) was established in 1980 and focussed originally on technical security measures. During the last years the efforts of the Council have been primarily focussed on children and young people. Nowadays … More