Justice for minors in the Netherlands: Summary File, 2000

Prosecution age:  this age is fixed at twelve, although full prosecution is reserved for people 18 or over. Children under 12 have absolute immunity.  There is a specific penal code that can be applied to young offenders who are twelve … More

Coffee shops

The 15 EU Justice ministers agreed on November 27th on harmonising nationallaws to make the bloc more efficient in the fight against drugs trafficking. But they left it up to individual member States to decide whether to exempt individuals from … More

Politique urbaine et sécurité en Belgique et aux Pays-Bas

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Dutch Centre for Crime Prevention

  5 March 2004 The Dutch Council of Ministers has agreed to the setting up of a centre for crime prevention and safety which will be known by its Dutch acronym CCV. The CCV is an initiative of the Ministry … More

Halt: an alternative and successful approach to juvenile crime in The Netherlands

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