Hungarian presidency of the European Union: a “Strong Europe with a Human Touch”

Hungary is in charge of the presidency of the European Union during the first semester of 2011. A “Strong Europe with a Human Touch”, this is the motto chosen by Hungary for its mandate as president of the European Union, … More

Conference on urban safety and the use of CCTV – Budapest: 3 December 2009

Conference on urban safety and the use of CCTVBudapest: 3 December 2009 This year, the Urban Safety Conference of the city of Budapest will be dedicated to the use of CCTV and the question of video surveillance. As the European … More

Dinner debate: the role of civil society for the promotion of fundamental rights, Budapest 3 decembre 2009

The Forum’s lunch and dinner debates on freedom, security and justice «The promotion of safety and fundamental rights through civil society» 3 December 2009, 18h30Déry – Jókai room, Budapest AbstractIn the human rights framework it doesn’t make sense to be for … More

City of Budapest’s Exhibit on Safety and Crime Prevention

International conference on European Conference about Critical Infrastructure Protection, October 10-11 2007, Budapest

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