Last update: March 2008 (SE)
Source: Statistical Yearkbook 2007 ( Statistics Denmark)

1. Crime statistics

Population (2008 estimate): 5.475.791
Total crime: 425.000 reports of crimes to the police in 2006, charges are pressed in one fifth of all reports
Crime rate (2003): 9.616 per 100 000 inhabitants
Global tendency: Growth in the number of reported offences against the criminal law since 1950 seems to have reached its peak in the early 1990s. Since then, the number has been decreasing.
Main Offences (2006):
Property offences: 90-95% (396.000 in 2006, of which 72.000 burglaries, 166.000 thefts, 15.000 car thefts, 66.000 bicycle thefts)
Violence against the person: 19.600
Sexual offences: 2.700
Offenders (2005):
First column: Convictions for offences against the Penal Code
Second column: Convictions for offences against special legislation
Total:                      56.444                              28.736
Minors (under 20): 12.871                                3.708
Women:                 9.901                                  2.340
Foreigners’ percentage: NA
More on crime stats
Prison population (Oct 2005): 4.196
Prison capacity (2003): 3893
Age of criminal responsibility: 15
National victimisation survey:  Yes

2. Safety and crime prevention (general)

Police forces (2005): 10.628
Judicial system workforce (2002): 648 judges (12 per 100000  inhabitants)
Private security forces: NA
Relevant institutions and NGO’s operating in the field of crime prevention: Danish Crime Prevention Council, BUPL (Association for children and young teachers) ; National Association of Danish Local Authorities ; National League of Social Educators ; Danish Town Planning Institute ; Pro-Centret – Center for Preventive and Social Work for Female and Male Prostitutes ; Danish Network against Trafficking in Women ; Red Barnet – Save the Children Denmark

3. Competence of State, regional and local authorities / Partnership structures

The Danish Crime Prevention Council (Det Kriminalpraeventive Radet) exists since 1971 and unites the representatives of 45 public and private organizations – Website
National action plans: Quality of life in local areas project (1994); Program of video surveillance CCTV Surveillance (1999); Action plan to combat trafficking in women (2002); Action plan to stop violence against women (2002); Action plan against drug abuse (2003)
Regional level of competence: Denmark has 14 regions with wide ranging competencies. Regional authorities carry out crime prevention projects in tripartite co-operation with partners from Russia, Poland, or the Baltic states in the framework of the Baltic Sea Project Facility.
Local authorities: Local crime prevention is operating in the framework of the SSP co-operation between schools, social services and the police (since 1975) and can be joined by local associations, sports clubs, street workers etc. Among the 275 Danish municipalities, approximately 250 have implemented SSP-committees. Local prevention policies support civil participation as in the Neighborhood watch scheme or the implication of tenants in the renovation of their environment.

4. Main Debates

Violence in Schools
Integration of second generation immigrants
Neighbourhood Watch

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The Danish Crime Prevention Council

CLICK HERE to access the English language section of the Danish Crime Prevention Council (Det Kriminalpræventive Råd) where a number of publications are available in English.