Czech Republic

Last update : 08/04
Population (2004) : 10.211.455

1.Crime statistics

Crime rate (2002) : 36,5 ‰
Global tendency : – 7,76% (1997-2002)
Main Offences (2002) :

Against property : 68,84%
Economic offences : 10,8%
Violent offences : 6,33%
Sexual offences : 0,55%
Other offences : 12,81%

Offenders (2002) :

Total : NA
Minors percentage (< 18) : 10,4%
Women percentage : 12,4%
Foreigners percentage : 5%
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Prison population (18.06.2004) : 18.143
Prison capacity (2004) : 15.689
Age of criminal responsibility : 15
National victimisation survey : Yes

2. Safety and crime prevention (general)

Police forces : 57.185 (45.337 officers, 450 per 100.000 inhabitants),
Judicial system workforce : 13.417 (2.677 judges, 26 per 100.000 inhabitants)
Private security forces : 35.000  (estimated number of employees incorporated into the NGO „Association of private security companies of the Czech Republic”)
Relevant NGO’s operating in the field of crime prevention : ELECTRA (helping victims of rape and sexual abuse); La Strada (prevention and assistance to victims of trafficking in women) ; proFEM (consultation centre for women’s projects) ; ROSA (helping victims of domestic violence) ; White Circle of Safety (helping victims of crime and their families)

3. Competence of State, regional and local authorities

National Crime Prevention Council : Yes (since 1993)
National actions plans : Crime Prevention Strategy for the period 2001-2003 (annually evaluated and updated) ;Projects on prevention of urban violence as part of the Comprehensive Crime Prevention Program (1996) ; Measures for the prevention of violence during sport events (1996) ; Program against juvenile delinquency (1999) headed by the National committee for crime prevention represents the priority of the government’s Crime prevention strategy ; Program for the fight against sexual abuse and exploitation of children  (2000) ; Minimal preventive program against violence in schools (2000) ; Public awareness initiatives and round tables organized by the Ministry of the Interior for the prevention of violence against women (2001 and 2003) ; Drafting of a National Strategy against trafficking in human beings (2002) ; Police training introduced by the Ministry of the Interior and the NGO White Circle to provide officers with knowledge and skills for dealing with victims of crime (2003)

Regional level sphere of competence : An administrative reform in 2002 has created 14 new regions responsible for security matters and the maintenance of public order. Crime prevention measures fall under the competence of regional authorities (notably the assistance for local programs).

Local authorities : Municipalities hold responsibility for security: 95 cities (with more than 10 000 inhabitants) implement the Crime prevention program on the local level. They establish a Committee on crime prevention, nominate a crime manager and incorporate crime prevention into town development plans.The co-operation of local administrations with police, schools, social services, NGOs, private sector and citizens is part of the implementation and a criteria for granting state subsidies, as the program is partially financed from the national budget (the municipality has to contribute at least 10%).

Role of elected officials (city mayors) : assuring the successful implementation of the Crime Prevention program on the local level

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