The Permanent Secretariat of Prevention Policy (Website)

Founded in 1994, the Permanent Secretariat for Prevention Policy (PSPP) is a department of the Ministry of the Interior in charge of elaborating and co-ordinating crime prevention policy. Click here to discover the local community strategies (French).

Belgium profile

Last update : 07.04 1.Crime statistics Crime rate (2002): 95,43  ‰ Main Offences (2002): Theft : 486.239 Goods offences, vandalism : 103.310 People offences : 70.208 Drug related crime : 40.856 Offenders : data non available Prison population (2002) : 9.249 Occupancy level (2002): … More

2004 Crime Prevention Awards / Prix belge de la prévention de la criminalité

Last 15 October, the Secretariat for Prevention Policy (SPP) organised the award of the Belgian Prevention Prize. Out of the 29 projects submitted, five were nominated by an independent jury, and three projects finished in first place ex aequo: Mons … More

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