Latin America

International Conference on Urban Security, Lince (Peru), 2004

The Forum participated as a contributor in the second International Conference on Urban Security in Lince (Peru), which brought together numerous urban security experts and players from around the world, on 17-19 November 2004. Peru is currently deeply involved in … More

Urbal Network

Urbal’s General Assembly General Assembly, Urbal Programme, Valparaiso, Brasil Mr Braghero made a presentation on behalf of the EFUS during the Urbal General Assembly that was held in Valparaiso (7-10 september). Contacts have been established with numerous local authorities, in … More

Efus at the Urbis conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Urbis Conference, São Paulo, 16-19 June Michel Marcus attended this conference, which, with others events to which the EFUS participated, attested the increasing involvement of Brazilian cities in Safety topics. Mission of technical assistance to Brazil The Forum is associated … More

UrbAl Programme The Role of Government in the setting up of participatory policies as regards Urban Security’ programme

Role of the EFUS      Partner  Project Manager       Prefecture of Guarulhos (Brasil)   Partner                   Guarulhos (Brasil), Bogota (Colombia), Quito (Equator), Coronel (Chili), Barcelona (Spain), Rio Claro (Brasil), Brussels (Belgium), Perugia (Italy), PGU/ALC/ CIGU (Equator)   Content                     The objective of this project … More

“URB-AL-Urban Security : training and practices”

In 2006 the Tuscany Region, with the participation of  local officials, technicians and researchers from European and Latino American cities (9 from Latin America, 2 from Europe) and 3 organisations has coordinated the project “URB-AL-Urban Security : training and practices”. … More

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