Latin America

Bogotá Security Plan 2007-2017

I have been exploring for some months now the issue of insecurity in Bogotá.  Similarly, for the last few months I have also confronted the scepticism of Europeans who see the stereotypical image of a Colombia plunged into civil war … More

Publication on Crime prevention in Europe and in South America, 2004

Click here to get the comparative study published by the chilian Home Office: Políticas de seguridad ciudadana en Europa y América Latina , Lecciones y desafíos, Ministerio del Interior, Chile,  March 2004 Take a look a the “Publicaciones” section to … More


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International Conference on Urban Security, Lince (Peru), 2004

The Forum participated as a contributor in the second International Conference on Urban Security in Lince (Peru), which brought together numerous urban security experts and players from around the world, on 17-19 November 2004. Peru is currently deeply involved in … More

Urbal Network

Urbal’s General Assembly General Assembly, Urbal Programme, Valparaiso, Brasil Mr Braghero made a presentation on behalf of the EFUS during the Urbal General Assembly that was held in Valparaiso (7-10 september). Contacts have been established with numerous local authorities, in … More

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