International Center for the Prevention of Crime – ICPC

ICPC annual conference – Queretaro, November 10th-14th, 2008

The EFUS participated inthe annual conference held in Queretaro (Mexico), on November 10th-14th, on the theme “Violence against women” and presented its “Guide on local action against trafficking in human beings”. Building on the Forum’s work and expertise in the … More

ICPC Colloquium: Paris, 1-2 December 2004, 10th anniversary 2004

The Consultation and Orientation Council and the Board of the ICPC met on 29-30 November in Paris. These meetings were followed by the colloquium in celebration of ICPC’s 10th anniversary on 1-2 December. The report of these meetings will be … More

ICPC 5th annual colloquium on Crime Prevention, 2005

  The 5th colloquium of the International Centre for Crime Prevention (ICPC) will be held on 27-28 October 2005 in Santiago, Chile. The theme is “Strategic Partnerships for effective Crime Prevention”.   Visit the ICPC’s website for more information

ICPC in 2006

The EFUS participated in the Advice and Orientation Committee, Administration Council and General Assembly organised in Montreal on 25th / 26th May. Moreover, the ICPC held it annual colloquium in Canberra on September 11th–15th, under the theme “Communities in action … More