Other European institutions and networks

Final seminar of the Securcity Network Project, Rotterdam, June 2006

Efus participated in the final seminar of the Securcity Network project “Developing safe and secure cities for the 21st Century”, organised in Rotterdam on 15 June 2006 in collaboration with the Urbact network, and financed by the European Commission. The … More

Central and Eastern Europe NGOs active in the field of Crime Prevention, October 2005

A regional Crime Prevention Forum for NGOs from Eastern and Central Europe took place on October 27/28th 2005 in Vienna by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) in cooperation with  the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation … More

Urban Futures 2.0, May 2006

EFUS’ role Participant   Organisator Municipality of Stockholm, Swedish Government and European Commission.   Contents   Urban Futures 2.0 was an international conference organised in Stockholm on May 3-5 which focused on life in European cities and on urban governance … More

First annual conference of the URBACT Cities, Noordjick (Netherlands), 19-20 October 2004

The EFUS participated alongside representatives of the SUDC working party (Leader: Liège) at the first annual conference of the thematic networks of the URBACT cities (approx. 150 cities), organised 19-20 October in Noordwijk (Netherlands). The objective of this conference was … More

First edition of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology, June 2006

This Prize will be awarded annually for outstanding achievements in criminological research or for the application of research results by practitioners for the reduction of crime and the advancement of human rights. The objectives of The Stockholm Prize in Criminology … More

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