Executive Committee

Members of the 2021 Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members Elected on 15 March 2021, during Efus’ statutory General Assembly meeting (online) with deliberative vote President: Liège (BE)  Vice-Presidents: Government of Catalonia (ES), Mannheim (DE), Nice (FR), Rotterdam (NL) Barcelona (SP), Berlin (DE), Brno (CZ), Bruxelles (BE), … More

Tribute to Pawel Adamowicz , mayor of Gdansk

The European forum for urban security wishes to pay tribute to the commitment of Pawel Adamowicz within the forum. Mayor of Gdansk (Poland) since 1998, he was murdered during a charity event on 13 January 2019. The city of Gdansk … More

In a resolution, Efus calls for a local policy on drugs based on harm reduction

Amiens, France, November 2018 – Efus’ Executive Committee adopted a resolution on local drug policy, a topic on which it has been working for many years and has already passed several resolutions, during its latest meeting on 27-28 November in … More

Members of the 2019 Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members Elected on 26th June 2019 in Augsburg, Germany With deliberative vote President:  Liège / Belgium Vice-Presidents: Amiens (FR), Generalitat de Catalunya (ES), Rotterdam (NL), Stuttgart (DE) Aubervilliers (FR), Barcelona (ES), Brno (CZ), Cascais (PT), Castellón de la Plana … More

Members of the 2017 Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members Elected on 18 May 2017 in Rimini, Italy With deliberative vote President: Liège / Belgium Vice-Presidents: Amiens (FR), Generalitat de Catalunya (ES), LPR-Niedersachsen (DE) (treasurer), Rotterdam (NL) Amadora (PT), Aubervilliers (FR), Augsburg (DE), Barcelona (ES), Bruxelles (BE), Cascais (PT), Castellon de la Plana (ES), Charleroi … More

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