Local authorities and the fight against radicalisation

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The problem of radicalised young people is making headlines in Europe after the recent attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels and the latest developments in Iraq. It is more than ever a pressing issue for local authorities, who must deal with a new phenomenon on which they have not yet acquired solid knowledge. Efus has been working on this theme for several months, in particular with the Belgian Ministry of the Interior. The Belgian Forum has for its part set up a work group, which met on 3 June in Evère. In order to help cities to better understand this phenomenon and build local policies to tackle it, Efus will start in September the project LIAISE (Local Institutions Against Extremism), which is co-financed by the European Commission.

For more information on this subject:

Report of the workshop organised on 3 June by the FBPSU

Article published by AEF, Thibaut Chevillard, Décryptage : Comment les villes peuvent-elles s’impliquer dans la lutte contre la radicalisation des jeunes? (in French) with Elizabeth Johnston, Efus Executive Director.