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The European project “Local Institutions AgaInSt Extremism II”, led by the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus), aims to strengthen the ability of local and regional European authorities to prevent and fight against radicalisation leading to violent extremism. As part of this project, Efus is looking for experts to write summary notes on issues related to violent radicalisation that are priorities for local communities.



Efus has supported local authorities with the implementation of measures for the prevention of violent radicalisation since September 2014.

Efus received funding from the European Union’s internal security funds to undertake a 24 month-long project about the prevention of radicalisation leading to violent extremism, which commenced in January 2016. Since January 2016 LIAISE 2 has gathered together 34 partner institutions from 10 countries (BE, CZ, DE, ES, EL, FR, IT, NL, PT, SE),  representing 22 cities, five regions, four national forums and three thematic NGOs: Alexandroúpolis, Augsbourg, Bagneux, Barcelone, Bologne, Bordeaux, Brno, Bruxelles, Charleroi, Düsseldorf, Essen, La Haye, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Liège, Louvain, Malmö, Montreuil, Paris, Reggio Emilia, Rotterdam, Sarcelles, Setubal, Toulouse; the Protection of the Constitution of Bremen, the State of Bavaria, the Government of Catalonia, the County Council of Val d’Oise, the German, Belgium, French and Italian Forms for Urban Security, Ufuq, Interactive Culture e.V and the European Probation Confederation (CEP).


Objectives of the project:

  • Consolidate and expand a European network of local authorities
  • Offer training sessions to local authorities and their partners (200 trained local actors)
  • Support the implementation of local strategies for the prevention of radicalisation, integrated into crime prevention strategies.
  • Support the implementation of pilot initiatives in partner local authorities.
  • Develop policy recommendations for the local, national and European level.

The project’s activities include:

  1. The organisation of five European seminars about different aspects of radicalisation
  2. Support for the project’s partner communities in the development and implementation of a training course and of a pilot action adapted to their needs.
  3. A publication which gathers together the methodological recommendations and the presentation of local actions implemented in the project’s framework
  4. A final seminar is anticipated in November 2017 which will offer the opportunity to present the project’s results and the publication.

Object of the contract

The collaboration between and the expert selected for the project “LIAISE 2” will have the following object: the writing of a thematic note on a priority issue for local authorities. The themes are the following ones :

– Theories of the plot

– Evolution of violent extremism in Eastern Europe

– Analysis of social networks for the realisation of a local security diagnosis

– Evaluation of local actions to prevent radicalisation

Profile of the expert

  • The expert must demonstrate extensive knowledge about the phenomenon of violent radicalisation and the role of local authorities faced with this phenomenon.
  • The expert will have to know how to synthesize many resources and highlight the essential elements for local communities;
  • The expert must show a strong interest in the European dimension, as well as have a strong ability to adapt information being exchanged in a transnational context.
  • The expert must possess strong analytical and writing skills.

Funding and duration

A contract (terms of reference) will be drawn up by Efus. the mission calendar will be defined within this framework.

The project budget provides for a global envelope for the writing of the note.

Two payments will be made on receipt of the invoice issued by the expert and sent to Efus. The first invoice will correspond to 50% pre-financing at the signing of the contract, the other at the end of the project for the balance.


Selection Procedure

Efus invites those interested by this call to send their application by email to Emilie Petit, programme manager. Selections will be made on the 6 of October 2017.

Please send the following documents:

  • A detailed CV including recent publications;
  • A cover letter summarising why you would like to be part of this project;
  • A budget proposal including a daily rate, number of working days;

For further information concerning the call for applications, contact Efus on +33 (0)1 40 64 49 00



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