Collective violence

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Friday 14 December 2012, 9.30am-12.00pm, Stade de France

Experiences from the European project “EU Street Violence”

In partnership with the project EU Street Violence


There are many forms of collective violence: Violent groups and groups that turn violent. Troublesome youth groups and gangs as well as excesses and riots.  Often made of youngsters. The constitution of the group as well the emergence of violence is more or less spontaneous.  This round table discussion asks: how can these phenomena of collective violence can be prevented? And for that purpose: What do we know about these phenomena? What is the logic behind them?  What are practices and methods that seem adequate to address them? The discussion will be able to build on the results of the EU STREET VIOLENCE project, which has now brought together European insights in an online database.


Chairperson: Ms Brigitte RAYNAUD, Secretary General of the National City Council, France

Moderator: Ms Marie-Dominique de SUREMAIN, Sociologist, Expert in Gender and Development, Psytel, France

Ms Cristina GONI
, Secretary General, International Observatory of Juvenile Justice (OIJJ)
, Researcher, Maurice Halbwachs Centre/ENS, France
Professor of Criminology and Social Policy, London School of Economics, United Kingdom (tbc)
Ms Laetitia NOLET
, Coordinator of the Belgian Forum for Urban Security and Prevention (FBPSU)
NCSN Violent Crime Lead Officer, United Kingdom
Mr. François PUPPONI, Member of parliament and Mayor of Sarcelles, France (tbc)
, Steering Committee, European Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN)


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