“The manifestos give a summary of approaches, lessons learned and good practice” – Radim Bureš, Deputy Director of the Probation Service, Czech Republic

Radim Bureš, Deputy Director of the Probation Service, Czech Republic, and Programme Director at Transparency International What are the main themes on which you have worked with Efus over the years? I mostly worked with Efus in two major areas: … More

“The opening of the supervised drug consumption room fulfils a social commitment of our city” – Dr Alexandre Feltz, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg in charge of health

In France, supervised drug consumption rooms are authorised on an experimental basis for a maximum of six years. Strasbourg and Paris are the only two French cities that have opened such facilities. The Strasbourg consumption room, titled Argos, is located … More

Prevention of radicalisation in Spain : Efus on a support mission with L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

A year after the first meeting of its working group on radicalisation and following several meetings with local stakeholders to raise awareness on this issue, the town of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain) asked Efus to help it draft the local … More

How to use social media when designing public policies ? Feedback from the “Everyday Security” workshop of the Medi@4sec project, November 2017, Barcelona

Barcelona (Spain), February 2017 — Designing public policies is not an easy task. In theory, it involves establishing a diagnosis on the basis of which objectives and actions can be set and implemented, prior to evaluating the results. On top … More

“The involvement of local elected officials in Efus is crucial” – Nigel Mellor, former local government officer at the Liverpool City Council (UK)

Nigel Mellor, formerly a local government officer at the Liverpool City Council and Chair of the Merseyside Probation Board, now Chairman of the charity Emmaus Merseyside, speaks about the benefits brought by Efus to his professional practice.   What did … More

Call for applications : Experts on issues related to violent radicalisation

The European project “Local Institutions AgaInSt Extremism II”, led by the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus), aims to strengthen the ability of local and regional European authorities to prevent and fight against radicalisation leading to violent extremism. As part … More