Prevention of violent extremism: Efus, the Euromed network and 60 mayors from 18 countries sign a common declaration

Nice, October 2017 – The Declaration of Nice, drafted jointly by the Euromed network and Efus, was adopted on 30 September by the two networks and 60 mayors from 18 countries. The signatories recall the importance for local authorities of … More

The Czech city of Brno concludes the first National Crime Prevention Days with a declaration advocating more transverse cooperation

Brno, Czech Republic, September 2017 – The city of Brno organised the first National Crime Prevention Days of the Czech Republic on 19 and 20 September, which included a two-day conference of experts on “Crime, Crime Prevention and Society”. The … More

Madrid signs Efus’ Charter for a Democratic Use of Video Surveillance

Municipal councillor for the Tetúan and Moncloa districts of Madrid, Montserrat Galcerán Huguet explains why the city decided to commit to guaranteeing the respect of privacy and fundamental rights in the use of video-surveillance. Why did the city of Madrid … More

MEDI@4SEC project: workshop on “policing the dark web”

The Hague, Netherlands, September 2017 – What are the latest developments on the dark web? What aspects of the dark web present challenges for public security? What are today’s best policing practices in this respect? These were some of the … More

Project: Preventing radicalisation through probation and release – PREPARE

Policy-makers are increasingly interested in the role of prisons and probation services with regards to de-radicalisation, not only because prisons are considered to be breeding grounds for radicalisation, but also because together with the probation services, they can be effective … More

Euro-Mediterranean conference of cities on the prevention of radicalisation, 29-30 September, Nice (France)

Paris, September 2017 –  What concerted actions can cities take to prevent violent radicalisation? How to involve civil society? These are the main questions to be discussed at the “Euro-Mediterranean conference of cities on the prevention of radicalisation” co-organised by … More