Protecting public spaces : Efus at the EU conference of mayors on “building urban defences against terrorism”

Brussels, Belgium, March 2018 — How to better protect European cities’ public spaces from terrorist threats? This was the central question of the “EU mayors’ conference – Building urban defences against terrorism” organised by the European Commission and the Committee … More

A group of Efus cities meet in Salzburg to exchange on the prevention of radicalisation at the local level as part of the PRACTICIES project

Salzburg, Austria, March 2018 — In the framework of the PRACTICIES project (Partnership Against Violent Radicalisation in Cities), representatives of a group of cities composed of Efus members and further municipalities met with project officials and experts in Salzburg, Austria, … More

How to prevent radicalisation in prison and probation ? Efus and other European stakeholders exchange at an EU conference

Brussels, Belgium, March 2018 — As coordinator of the PREPARE European project on the prevention of radicalisation in prison and probation, Efus took part in a conference on this theme organised by the European Commission together with the European Organisation … More

Joint interview of two women responsible for prevention and security : a European example

What is your background ? Katty Firquet, provincial MP and Vice President of the Provincial College of the province of Liege, Belgium : Trained as a journalist, I notably worked for 10 years in an important insurance company in Liege … More

“The manifestos give a summary of approaches, lessons learned and good practice” – Radim Bureš, Deputy Director of the Probation Service, Czech Republic

Radim Bureš, Deputy Director of the Probation Service, Czech Republic, and Programme Director at Transparency International What are the main themes on which you have worked with Efus over the years? I mostly worked with Efus in two major areas: … More

“The opening of the supervised drug consumption room fulfils a social commitment of our city” – Dr Alexandre Feltz, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg in charge of health

In France, supervised drug consumption rooms are authorised on an experimental basis for a maximum of six years. Strasbourg and Paris are the only two French cities that have opened such facilities. The Strasbourg consumption room, titled Argos, is located … More