Efus at the inaugural meeting of the newly-formed Civil Society Forum on Drugs

Brussels, Belgium, July 2018 – Recently re-elected as member of the Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSF), a consultative body at the European Commission, Efus took part in the inaugural meeting hosted by the Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs, … More

Partners in the Solidify project on drug consumption rooms visit Barcelona’s scheme on drugs

Barcelona, Spain, June 2018 – Consortium members of Efus’ Solidify project on Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities (SDCFs) gathered in Barcelona on 21-22 June for a two-day visit about the city’s drug action plan and its integrated model on drug consumption … More

How to tackle gender-based violence in Europe and in Latin America? Efus and some 70 participants exchange during a 3-day seminar in Paris

Paris, France, June 2018 – How to tackle gender-based violence in Europe and Latin America? This was the theme of a three-day seminar organised in Paris (FR) on 25-27 June by Expertise France, the French international cooperation agency, as part … More

Efus and 3,000 delegates at the 2018 German Congress on Crime Prevention dedicated to the prevention of radicalisation

Dresden, Germany, June 2018 – Efus and some 3,000 participants – elected officials, politicians, practitioners from national, regional and local authorities, representatives of civil society and the private sector, researchers and journalists – attended the 23rd German Congress on Crime … More

Two young delegates to Efus’ 2017 international conference tell about their experience and how they presented the Mannheim Declaration for Diversity

Mannheim, Germany, July 2018 – The municipal magazine of Mannheim (DE) recently published an interview with two youngsters from the city who were among a few dozen young Europeans invited to Efus’ 2017 “Security, Democracy and Cities” international conference in … More

Preventing discriminatory violence: a new Efus working group open to all interested members

Paris, France, June 2018 —  Efus has set up a working group on discriminatory violence based on the principle that urban security is a public good, which must be founded on the respect of human rightsOpen to all interested members, … More