Radicalisation and PREPARE project: working session between Vilvoorde and Exit Sweden/Fryshuset

Stockholm, Sweden, November 2018 – As part of the PREPARE European project on the prevention of radicalisation in prison and in probation, Efus took part in a two-day meeting between representatives of the city of Vilvoorde, in Belgium, and the organisation … More

Drugs: the Solidify project witnesses first-hand The Hague’s pioneering approach

The Hague, Netherlands, October 2018 – What are the specificities of the Dutch drug policy? What services does the city of The Hague provide for drug users to reduce harm related to traffic and consumption of illicit drugs? How does … More

ALARM France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen: “FOR SECURITY WITHOUT BORDERS” Project

Context The project ALARM has the objective of developing an operational transborder cooperation between civil security stakeholders and the French-Belgian border. This cooperation concerns a wide range of cross-border risks such as those that are common (fire, road accidents…), technological, … More

Management of nightlife: Efus and the Plateforme de la Vie Nocturne at the fourth NIGHTS conference, 15-17 November, Brussels, Belgium

Paris, France, October 2018 – Efus will take part, in partnership with the Plateforme de la Vie Nocturne (PVN, Nightlife Platform), in the fourth NIGHTS conference on the management of nightlife organised for 15-17 November in Brussels (BE) by the … More

Efus invites you to a one-day event on the local prevention of discriminatory violence, on 31 October, in Paris

Paris, France, October 2018 – Efus invites members to the first meeting of its newly-created “Just & Safer Cities for All” working group on the topic of the prevention of discriminatory violence, which will be held in Paris on 31 … More

Start of the new “Cutting Crime Impact” (CCI) European project on the reduction of the impact of crime on local communities

Paris, October 2018 – A new project funded by the European Commission, “Cutting Crime Impact” (CCI), in which Efus is a partner, will start on 1 October. Its objective is to enable police and relevant local and national authorities, particularly … More