Book presentation and discussion on jihadism with Asiem El Difraoui

Paris, 15.03.2017 – As a first edition of its breakfast debates, the French Forum for Urban Security (FFSU) hosted a book presentation and discussion with political scientist, economist, film-maker and leading expert on arab media and jihadist internet propaganda Asiem … More

Castellón de la Plana

1.  General Information : Castellón de la Plana is the capital city of the province of Castellón, in the Valencian Community, Spain, in the east of the Iberian Peninsula, on the Costa del Azahar by the Mediterranean Sea. The mountain range … More

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  1.   General Information : Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the capital of Gran Canaria island, in the Canary Islands, off the northwestern coast of Africa. It is the co-capital (jointly with Santa Cruz de Tenerife) and the most populous … More


1.       General Information : Xàbia is a coastal town in the comarca (administrative subdivision between the municipality and the province) of Marina Alta, in the Province of Alacant, Valencian Community, by the Mediterranean Sea. Situated on the back side of … More

“I am convinced that through collective action, we can better prevent crime in our cities” – Ulrich von Kirchbach, Deputy Mayor of Freiburg, Germany

A vibrant university city of 220,000 situated in the State of Baden-Württemberg (Germany), Freiburg joined Efus in January 2016. The Deputy Mayor for Culture, Integration, Social Affairs and Seniors, Ulrich von Kirchbach, talks with Efus about the reasons that led … More

Local stakeholders discuss strategies and practices against discrimination during a seminar in Vienna

Vienna, Austria, March 2017 – In the framework of the “Just and Safer Cities for All” (JUST) project co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme, Efus organised a two-day seminar on “Preventing and Countering Discriminatory Violence at … More