Security and tourism : Brussels campaigns against pickpocketing

Brussels, Belgium, July 2015 – The city of Brussels and the neighbouring commune of Ixelles, which receive together some 3.8 million overnight stays, have launched a new campaign aimed at preventing pickpocketing against tourists. It consists of four video clips … More

The European Commission consults cities on the future EU urban agenda

Brussels, June 2015 – The European Commission organised a “Cities Forum” on 2 June in Brussels to consult representatives of European cities and civil society on the future urban agenda of the European Union. Represented by Véronique Ketelaer, Project Manager, … More

Efus to submit two EU proposals on the prevention of and fight against discrimination

Paris, June 2015 – Efus is currently preparing two project proposals in the framework of the Rights, Equality & Citizenship programme of the European Commission (DG Justice). The first proposal is a follow-up on the on-going IMPPULSE project that will … More

What if mayors ruled the world ? Publication of the French version of Benjamin Barber’s book

Paris, June 2015 – While Efus has been striving for years to make the voice of cities heard and to strengthen their capacity for action in response to the great number of issues they are directly confronted with, the idea … More

State of the Union conference 2015 : The role of local and regional authorities in the European discussion on security and freedom

The European Forum provided a local and regional authority’s perspective to the discussion on security and freedom that took place at this year’s State of the Union conference 6-9 May 2015 in Florence. Florence, Italy, May 2015 – A number … More

“Security & Tourism : Local Policies and Practices” Conference – Gallery